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Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee, and Street Naming Task Team

Kentville is looking for volunteers to help with TWO issue areas:

The Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee:

On May 31, 2021, Kentville Town Council adopted the Town’s first accessibility plan which will see public buildings, parks, trails, and sidewalks as well as communication, and digital content, become fully accessible by 2030.  Currently the Town is seeking volunteers to sit on the Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee, which provides advice to Town Council on the implementation of the Kentville Accessibility Action Plan.   The goal of the KIAAC is to "identify and remove barriers to participation in public life and to the achievement of social, cultural and economic well-being of all people who find themselves in Kentville".

The Kentville Street Naming/Renaming Task Team:

The Kentville Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee (KIAAC) is seeking applications for members on the Street Naming/Renaming Task Team.   The KIAAC Task Teams are put in place to focus on specific projects that require additional expertise, beyond what this committee is able to provide.  The goal of this Task Team is to review and recommend changes of the existing policies and processes of naming streets, and apply this new process to Cornwallis Street.  The Task Team will be accountable to the KIAAC to ensure this goal is achieved. 

If you are interested in joining one or both groups, please click here and download the Committee application form, or call Jennifer West at 902-679-2503, or email

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