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Kentville’s Pumpkin People Festival

Kentville’s Pumpkin People Festival

October 2 - 29, 2021

Visit Kentville in October to experience the magic of the Pumpkin People.  You never know what kind of silly antics you’ll see these gourd-headed guys getting up to!  

An image showing cartoon pumpkin people having fun.  The theme on the poster is "Dino Discovery" and silhouettes of different dinosaurs indicate what props people will see when they visit the Pumpkin People Festival in 2021


The Pumpkin People really "dig" dinosaurs.  So this year's theme is "Dino Discovery" and the Pumpkin People will be travelling back in time to explore the land and live amongst the dinos!  We have it on "gourd authority" that Stegosaurus, Brontosaurus, and T-rex are all stopping by.  We're keeping some of our other anticipated visitors a secret for now.  Stay tuned and make sure you visit Kentville in October to see all 300 pumpkin heads for yourself! 

We are still in planning phases for the festival, but come back to this page soon and check out the related documents section for info about all the cool things happening in town while Pumpkin People are here.  There is a handy Pumpkin People map to point you in the direction of all the fun to be had!  Save the date, and we'll see you in K-town this fall!   

a poster that says "save the date for harvest festival, October 2 2021 in Centre Square, downtown Kentville".


pumpkin people riding a bus encourage people to sign up for the pumpkin people seniors bus tour.